BecaGIS for Community

Creating a free & open sharing platform for geospatial data, basemap services, and geoprocessing tools.

BecaGIS OpenData Share & Care

Open geospatial data sharing platform via OGC-compliant services such as WFS, WMS, WCS and OGC API. Data consumers can download data directly on BecaGIS OpenData or use the BecaGIS Plugin in QGIS; Data suppliers can upload and share their data with the community. BecaGIS OpenData is an initiative to build and develop an open geospatial data sharing platform in order to collaborate, connect, benefit the community, and grow up thanks to the community.

BecaGIS Maps Open Map, Open Mind

BecaGIS Maps serves Vietnam basemap in raster tile or vector tile services, supporting search by address/ POIs, route finding and detailed route navigation based on OpenStreetMap data.

BecaGIS Plugin Geoprocessing made easy

BecaGIS Plugin helps QGIS users connect and interact with BecaGIS data and maps services, as well as supports advanced geoprocessing functions in the open source QGIS software.