Comprehensive, standard, and professional GIS solutions


BecaGIS provides a professional, standard, and comprehensive GIS solution, including platforms for GIS data collection, management, editing, analyzing, visualization and interoperation along with building custom GIS applications.

Comprehensive, standard, and professional GIS solutions


Professional, dedicated, and reliable GIS services


Unified platform, independent operation, easy integration


BecaGIS Solutions

Spatial Data Infrastructure
Natural Resouces
& Environment Management
Economy - Culture
- Society Management
Urban Infrastructure Management
Real Estate Trading Management
Asset Management & Customer Care Service
Planning, Management and Operation for Smart Industrial Parks
Integrated Management and Operation for Smart Cities

BecaGIS Services

Professional & standardized GIS digitizing services
Consulting, designing, and building Geospatial Data Infrastructure
Consulting, designing, and developing specialized GIS applications
Integrating GIS for management and operation of smart cities and smart IPs
Cloud-based GIS Services
GIS training and technology transfer

BecaGIS Platforms

BecaGIS platforms are designed with the ability to operate independently to meet individual GIS functions, and can be connected and integrated to build specialized GIS applications.

BecaGIS GeoPortal

Standard, Reliable & Flexible
Standard-compliant Spatial Data Infrastructure Platform

BecaGIS GeoSurvey

New Way for Survey
Geospatial Survey Platform

BecaGIS Viewer

Subtle & Simple
Online Map Viewer

BecaGIS Cloud

From Ground to Cloud
Cloud-based GIS Platform

BecaGIS Editor

Editing made easy
Online GIS Editor

BecaGIS LatLong

Wherever You are
Geocoding and Location-based Services

BecaGIS for Community

Creating a free & open sharing platform for geospatial data, basemap services, and GIS processing tools.


BecaGIS OpenData Share & Care

Geospatial Open Data Sharing Platform


BecaGIS Maps Open Map, Open Mind

Raster and vector tile OSM-based basemaps


BecaGIS Plugin Geoprocessing made easy

BecaGIS Cloud Client & GeoProcessing Tools for QGIS

BecaGIS for Developers

BecaGIS SDK and BecaGIS APIs help developers easily interact with BecaGIS platforms and services to build customized applications.


BecaGIS SDK Coding made easy

BecaGIS SDK for Developers


BecaGIS APIs Coding made easy

BecaGIS SDK for Developers